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Friday, March 9, 2012

Top ten most creative den ideas

So jammerz I'm going to go see the Lorax in 3D tomorrow! Anyway..... I decided to do another list. This is a list of the most creative things for ANY player. These are in order of..... uh..... creativity?

10. Use the shoji screens sold at dinner parties to make extra rooms in your yard.
 9.  Use the non member towels sold at the Heatwave Party or welcome mat as a shelf and keep a light and your favorite toy on it.
 8.  If you have a fire place, put a wolf plushie, tiger plushie, or red panda from Mt. Shiveer in front of the fire so it looks like you have a sweet pet there
 7. Use shoji screens as "windows"
 6. Put one of the orange coffee tables at the edge of the open den and put stools there so it looks like an island, buffet, thing.
 5. Put a red panda on the fence in the yard so it looks like a cat or something
 4. Use about three of the orange coffee tables together in a line and have a fashion runway
 3. Put a bunch of "shelves" (suggestion 9) in a group going vertical of like 3 so it looks like layered shelves
 2. If you still have a fruit dish thing, make it look like you have an artists studio and the fruit is what your painting
 and finally..........................
 1. Make it look like plushies live in your house, and not you.

Well it's 10:48 pm  and the movie starts at 10:30 am  so I'd better go to bed.
Have a jamtastic night jammerz!
Darling Out!
Oh and this is the last post with the sight green.


  1. Good ideas! You should check out Duchess Cleverclaws blog, she has a bunch of great I like to use :3 My username is peppywolf on aj, check out my den, and buddy me?

  2. hello i play AJ you should buddy me my username is lantan12